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I wrote my first song at the age of 16 at a regional youth festival. Today more than 30 years later, I have many years of stage experience in the Christian and in recent years in the secular field, where I recorded several albums with other artists as a producer, for which I also composed some of the songs. Now I'm back-to-the-roots again and I'm writing Christian songs from adoration, praise & worship to gospel. Very happy that the single "Chainbreaker", I recorded with my wife Silke, is played by more and more radiostations around the world.The path behind us would never have been possible without the first song and my mentor Henry Bran from El Salvador  at the time. As we both sat there with our guitars at this youth festival, he said to me, "Stop playing songs from other artists all the time! You will allways be compared with them. You don't have to sound like Micael Jackson. Just sound like Hagen and express yourself. Come on write a song right now!" And so I tried and wrote my first song. The lyrics were bumpy and as if that wasn't excitement enough he brought me on stage the next day and I had to sing the title in front of 750 people. 

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