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Hagen Roesler – “I can see your tears” will uplift lift your spirit

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JamSphere Musicmagazin: Posted By: Buddy NelsonPosted date: July 22, 2021 in: Reviews

Hagen Roesler is a singer, songwriter and producer from Bremerhaven, Germany. After producing other artist for about 20 years as the director of the indie label “Hope-Music”, he decided to produce songs for his own comeback to the stage. The first single “Chainbreaker” which was released in August 2020 was played by radio stations in 12 Countries and got more than 200k views on YouTube. Encouraged by this, he went into studio to produce a complete album – “Immanuel” which will be released in August 2021.  Friends from 7 different Nations worked with Hagen on the album “Immanuel”, a great experience in the time of a worldwide pandemic.
The single “I can see your tears”, from the aforementioned album has been pre-released as a music video on YouTube. For this release, Hagen Roesler & Friends have taken a song with a positive, Christian message and turned it into a sleek, danceable and listenable pop-rock song that at the same time has deep meaning and heart.  It is a great, high energy song with a heart-pounding beat that makes you want get out of your chair and dance right from the opening bars.
The many years of experience in the business has definitely given Hagen Roesler more confidence and ease with his music as he hasn’t sounded better.  The laser-sharp, resonating vocals along with the electrifying Pop vibe makes for an exceptionally excitable track that could easily be on the mainstream Pop radios.
The upbeat anthem celebrates the gift of each day surrounded by the mercies of God knowing that in Him the faithful are free to live an abundant life full of hope and the love of the Savior, as he sees, hears and feels everything they do.
“I can see your tears, even if your face is dry. I can feel your fears, even if you don’t cry. I can look in your heart, I can see every part. Hear what nobody hears, and dry your tears.” sings Hagen, explaining why we must never lose hope and trust in God’s faithfulness to carry us through to exactly where we’re meant to be.
As a whole, Hagen Roesler & Friends offer a song full of hope that will lift your spirit and shift the focus from the earthly struggles we all face back to the One who is able to ease our burdens.
With our sights set firmly on God, He will help us navigate through the unknown future ahead. But even if you somehow disregard the lyrics, “I can see your tears” will uplift you musically. Of course the subtle beauty of a song like this, is that Hagen never wildly throws the bible at anyone.
Hagen Roesler carefully chooses his words, as he attempts to reach out towards everyone who listens to this track. Hagen recognizes the importance of Christians putting their faith into action, reaching out to others with words and deeds to share the message of Jesus and what He has done in their lives.
This much transpires through he’s spirited performance and the messages he delivers. “I can see your tears” is a catchy pop-rock song, with grit and verve, which you will have on replay many times over.




Written By Taylor Valery

A&R and Music Reviewer Liaison


There is cause for celebration! Why? Well, on YouTube 'Chainbreaker' has already amassed more than 35k views, which is incredible for an indie song having only been out for a month. That acclaim easily represents the many people who are loving the wisdom of Psalm 95 interpreted through song.

'Chainbreaker' sounds like a song performed for Thanksgiving Sunday service. A song the choir sings after the benediction, praising the most high. A song on praise and worship radio stations promoting the good news. 'Chainbreaker' sounds like a secret fact of life, beyond the noise of society.

This song is water for the parched plants. Vocally, this dynamic duo successfully sings in unison, and it sounds like blissful anointing. The way Silke & Hagen’s high energy and camaraderie are felt through the song, and amplified in the music video, suggests uniting with others can create magic.

The Story Behind 'Chainbreaker':

One’s faith in God can be measured by one’s faith in himself. After watching the music video for ‘Chainbreaker,’ it’s obvious Silke and Hagen have admirable faith. The surety in their vocals, and the rightness of their lyrics show me an undoable tether to Christ. It also shows me their willingness to praise God openly, just as Psalms 95 encourages us to do....

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Silke & Hagen Roesler's New Single ‘Chainbreaker’ Is Gaining Amazing Traction On YouTube (

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