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Over the course of his career, Hagen Roesler has produced an eclectic mix of studio and live recordings, many years as a producer and songwriter for other artists. In the last year he started working on his solo career. All works carry his  unmistakable sound and testify to the depth and diversity of his creativity. Take a look at the discography.

Chainbreaker cover


Silke & Hagen Rösler

The catchy song make this track a fan favorite. Hagen Roesler worked incredibly hard on the texts and the accompanying arrangements. This worship song was inspired by Psalm 95 and made it onto the radio in 12 countries. Listen in and discover the emotions of his music.

Marry's little boy cover


The Christmas Worship

When spirit and music merge, a single as masterful as sound patterns and music in folds is created. The single penetrates deep into the soul of the music. Hagen Roesler has produced a masterful composition of powerful tones and harmonious melodies, to worship the "first Christmas child of all".

Songs Against Poverty Cover


A gospelchoir compilation

Is a compilation CD of various choirs The proceeds from the sale of CDs will go directly to "Brot fuer die Welt", (bread for the world)" and support "Happy Homes" in Dakar, Bangladesh where enslaved children are given a new perspective .God has made it possible for me to carry the production costs completely, so each cent can go to "Bread for the World."

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